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Invert numbers

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  • I'm wondering if there is a way to invert numbers so credits appear as negatives and debits as positive.

  • I am interested in this, too.  Our managers don't get why revenues and net income are negative amounts (even though I do).  I am looking for an elegant way to flip the signs on debits and credits. 

    I know I could do this by dumping all my data into a table and converting the signs in the table, but this slows processing and makes the file large.  If possible, I would prefer to do this without a table.  Would it work best by pull QQube data straight into a PivotTable, converting the signs with a formula and creating a field that contains the converted amounts?

  • Answered

    There is a presentation cleanup capability in the Excel Add-In that does that.  It was introduced in 2013.  

    It is also available in Excel Power Pivot.

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