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QBE18 vs QBE22

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  • Wondering if there are any benefits to upgrading from QBE18 to QBE22 in regards to QQUBE?  Fast sync?  

    Can QBE22 handle a large DB? 

  • Answered

    Sorry for the late reply, but this will help other readers of this post.

    Intuit did not come out with a 64 bit SDK until August of this year.  We spent some time testing our Synchronizer using 64 bit code, but the extraction time difference was pretty negligible. 

    Theoretically the memory management should be better, but the extraction time is 90% dependent upon the actual extraction - not what what we do with it once it is out of QuickBooks.

    We still can't communicate with QuickBooks in elevated mode either.

    We have committed to changing to 64 Bit, but will not do that until Version 10.1   The good thing about Version 10 is that we can pull just certain years of data, which can drastically reduce the extraction time - especially on huge files, or files with 10,15 even 20 years of data in them.

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