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Budget by class not summarized in vf-FINANCIALPL | CLEARIFY

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Budget by class not summarized in vf-FINANCIALPL

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  • It seems to me that the vf_FINANCIALPL table, which contains P&L Summary Information, should also contain the budget summary by period. However this is not the case with entites budgeting "by class", in which the period budget fields all show -0-.

    In order to do a summary P&L compared to budget for entities that use classes, I have to create an aggregate query grouped by line item based on the vf_FINANCIALPLCLASS table instead of the vf_FINANCIALPL.

    Is there some reason that the class budgets are not "rolled up" in the vf_FINANCIALPL table, in the same manner the actuals are?

  • They are separate by design and necessity.

    In order to aggregate data, you have to decide upon which dimensions you aggregate BY.  The vf_FINANCIALPL FACT table is already aggregated in whole.  While the vf_FINANCIALPLCLASS FACT table is aggregated by Class.  There are no details in either FACT table, just summary.  

    Is there some reason you are trying to aggregate something that is already aggregated? 

    If you want to aggregate detail data (which I wouldn't advise because of handling balance sheet retained earnings from year to year), you would use the GL Detail Subject - where you could aggregate by any dimension you so choose.

    As a note, both FACT tables are controlled by the dates set in the Configuration Tool (Ver 10.x): Date Setup - Data Model Date Ranges | CLEARIFY 

  • CLEARIFY Administrator said:

    Is there some reason you are trying to aggregate something that is already aggregated? 

    I don't want to aggregate detail data. I want to use the vf_FINANCIALPL summary table. My point is, the Budget data is not already aggregated in vf_FINANCIALPL.

    I am trying to create a financial summary report (not by class) that shows P&L Actual YTD vs Budget YTD.  The vf_FINANCIALPL table contains the summarized activity for Actual, and it has Period 01..36 fields for Budget, but the Budget fields are all zero. (The company has a budget prepared by Class.)

    The only way to generate summary Budget data for the report then, is to use the vf_FINANCIALPLCLASS table, which contains the budget amounts by Account / Class. But because I do not want to use the Class for the report, I have to aggregate on Accounts to create a Summary Budget amount.

    They are separate by design and necessity? Then why have the Budget 01..36 fields in the vf_FINANCIALPL table?


  • Answered

    When you enter Budget Data into QuickBooks you have several choices:  By Account only, By Job and Account, By Class and Account.

    If you enter by Account only, then budget by account is what get's picked up in the vf_FINANCIALPL.  

    If you enter by Class and Account, then budget by account - per class - is what get's picked up in the vf_FINANCIALPLBYCLASS.

    We are using QuickBooks native mechanism to pull summary financial data - and that is how QuickBooks works.  If you want to get around that scenario, then you would use the General Ledger Detail and do your own account aggregation.

  • Thanks, your explanation clarifies the reason there is no summary budget data appearing.


  • has there been any fix to this since 2012?

  • Answered

    There is no fix for this, as it is running as designed. (see above explanation)  

    We have Financial Summary By class - including trial balance by class

    And we have "regular" financial summary for non-class.

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