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QQube & PowerPivot for Excel

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  • Due to PowerPivot's ability to compact the data, it works much better for us than sticking solely to excel. We have been testing the qqube data in PowerPivot and we are making progress.  Obviously, it isn't as easy as working with the Excel Qqube add-in.

    Has anyone gone this route or have any input?

  • Question #1)

    I am trying to use the PowerPivot SQL query designer after connecting to QQubeFinancials. I am having some issues. After connecting the database, I can either choose "Select from a list of tables..." or "Write a query that will specify the data to import".

    I select "Write a query that will specify the data to import." Here I select the "Design..." button. Here is my problem. I want to see the screen that says "Table Import Wizard" with a folder tree for tables/views, etc on the left. On the right, it should have "Selected Fields" above "Relationships" above "Applied Filters."

    Instead, I do get "Table Import Wizard", but I just has a section to write SQL statements. this a grid below it.

    If I connect to a SQL server database we have, I do get the screen I want

    Question #2)

    If I choose "Select from a list of tables...", I am able to see the QQube tables. After selecting a table or tables, I can select another button "Select Related Tables." Once I select this, I get a message stating there are no related tables. 

    Once again, If I connect to a SQL server database we have, it selects all the related tables.

    I would like to be able to automatically select the related tables

    Any help or input on these 2 questions would be great. 

    PS. I forgot to mention that I have been able to use the excel add-in to create SQL queries which I have copied and pasted into the PowerPivot SQL section. I have had some success with that.

  • Without getting too much into the details or reasons of our architecture, or what is necessarily different from the SQL server situation you describe, you won't be able to 'select related tables' - not now, or anytime in the foreseeable future.

    If you wish to see how the schemas are linked together, open up any Crystal Report and use the Database Expert, or open up Access and view the relationships (each example has the complete schema for that subject).

    It is on our list to create an easier experience for Power Pivot Table users. We can't comment on when that will occur.

    As you mentioned, the short-term solution is to go into the Excel Add-In, choose the fields you want, and then go into MSQuery via the Properties, and cut and paste the SQL into the Power Pivot Tables.

  • Chuck, 

    All I can say is THANK YOU!! This product is moving and will move us forward leaps and bounds!! 

    I have been having very good results with QQube & PowerPivot. The link to the data schema you gave me in my other post has helped immensely.


  • Answered

    QQube Version 5 will have PowerPivot (Version 11.00.300) functionality right out of the box.  Coming very soon.

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