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Line Number Sequence in QQube for QuickBooks | CLEARIFY - Page 1

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Include Line Number Sequence

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  • I have recently run into two customers where line number sequences are important to them ... many times, customers include 'fake' items to add additional data to Sales Orders, Invoices and PO... They then add a unique item description for thse items. These need to in the order that they are entered or the integrity of these items is lost.    So adding in Line Seq Numbers would be very helpful.

  • Answered

    This was added in Version 5.0 for the following analytics:

    1. Open Sales Orders
    2. Sales
    3. Sales Tax
    4. Audit Trail

    This was also added in Version 6.1 for the following analytics:

    1. Open Purchase Orders
    2. Purchasing
    3. Inventory
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