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Synch Log file suggestions for QQube | CLEARIFY

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Synch Log File

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  • I have two suggestions:

    1.. Have the Synch process check for Custom Reporting features setup at ONSET of refresh. Just to check if Multi User or not set up corretly.  Then Query will ERROR at beginning of Synch process and you don't have to wait hours to be told you forgot to leave the file open in multi user access.

    2.  Have a webinar for Solution Providers Only...going to some of the nunances of Synch manager notes and troubleshooting. I know you have covered some of these on Wiki but an in depth with us will help us to be able to maybe troubleshoot more efficiently. 

  • Answered

    Item Number 1 will be fixed in Version 5

    Item Number 2, we have a video ready for release in January, 2013

  • Another Suggestion:

    I like that you have added detail on the views refresh in the log.

    it would be easier to visually see refreshing issues/times if the refresh times were aligned/justified to the right in a column just like "records" column above it.


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