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Cash Basis reporting using QQube | CLEARIFY

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Cash Basis reporting

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  • For budget reporting, we like to look at both cash & accrual. The data coming from qqube is accrual. Any suggestions on getting P&L budgeting reporting cash basis from the qqube data in summary and GL detail? Or is there a plan to add this feature to qqube?

  • Answered

    Cash basis reporting is - and will - only be available in the financial summaries and financial summaries by class.  They are dependent upon the reporting preference set in QuickBooks: Edit>Preferences>Reporting.

    If the reporting preference is set to cash, then all financial summary reports will take on that attribute. Ditto for when set to accrual.

    Exceptions to that are the Enterprise Only Profit and Loss Summary Reports. 

    • Actuals/Budget/Forecast
    • PandL by Job
    • PandL 52/53 tax year.
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