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QQube handling of dupilcate sub-item names

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  • Here is the log error I sent to QQube support:

    <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< 10/26/2012 04:19:22 AM >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Index 'mvd_Item' for table 'mvd_Item' would not be unique
    refresh materialized view "mvd_Item"
    ->Refresh View: mvd_Item Duration: 00:03:29.1066984

  • Here is the response from Matt in Support:


    There is a know issue where the Item Name (Actually Sub Item Name) can be the same under two different items but because how we use names, it ends up being a duplicate. Is that possibly the same in your situation? Example: Farming->Trucks, Overhead->Trucks, QuicksBooks would allow that but causes a problem in QQube. Better would be Farming->Farming Trucks, Overhead->Overhead Trucks

    Rename in QuickBooks and re-Sync in QQube will fix the problem.

  • Here was my reply to Matt in Support:


    I am sure that is what occurring.

    I have used the same sub-item name before, but I think I was using it with different items types.


    Crop Inventory:Potatoes (inventory assembly)

    Crop Share:Potatoes (non-inventory part)


    We never got any errors with this.

    What we started doing was having the same item types.


    Direct Crop Items (Non-Inv.):Supplies

    Expense Items (Non-Inv.): Supplies

    Both were setup as non-inventory parts

    Also, does Qqube have an issue with ANY duplicate items names no matter which item grouping column they are in?


    Is this something you will/want to fix in QQube?


    We can do what you suggested in your example below, however, we’d like to be able to apply filters based on “supplies”  or other items in the item grouping columns two thru five and not be required to have unique sub-items.

  • here is another reply from Matt in Support:

    Unfortunately this is a QuickBooks thing. QuickBooks allows you to have the same name at different levels, so if you use the ITEM NAME Potatoes in an Excel Pivot Table, for instance, it will group by Potatoes whether it is at Crop Inventory or Crop Share; it is the item NAME.

    This is true for all multi-level names in QuickBooks: Accounts, Items, Class, etc.

    You need to use the Item FULL NAME to eliminate this anomaly.

    Item full name is Crop Inventory:Potatoes Item name is Potatoes.

  • my response:

    The reason we want to have the same name “potatoes”, for example, is because we specifically want to consolidate in pivot table reporting the data (sales quantities & sales dollars) for both “Crop Inventory:Potatoes” and “Crop Share:potatoes” by filtering “potatoes” in the QQube column “Item Grouping Mechanism – 2”.


    We want to report by potatoes not matter the parent name (no matter if it Crop Inventory or Crop Share).


    As I mentioned before, the example above actually works in both QQUbe and QuickBooks. I think it is because “Crop Inventory:Potatoes” and “Crop Share:potatoes” are different item types.


    We started have the issue when we started having duplicate SUB-items with the same item types in QuickBooks, therefore the issue with:

    Direct Crop Items (Non-Inv.):Supplies

    Expense Items (Non-Inv.): Supplies



    I hope this makes sense.

  • Matt's response:


    I think we got a little off track. The original issue is the index error on the refresh. I thought it was related the issue of duplicate child items. Chuck assures me it is not. His suggestion is you have some corruption in one of your company files. Have you done a rebuild in QuickBooks on them lately?

  • my response:

    Interesting that you say that. I actually am in the process of rebuilding the data now. I will see if that solves the problem.



  • Answered

    Chuck's reply:

    I am going to chime in here, Braden. What you are describing with the item names has nothing to do with the indexing issue. What you are doing is functionally fine, and QQube has no problem with it, regardless of inventory type. I know you were trying to give me an answer, and surmising what you think the the problem might have been. However it is coincidence, and moot with regards to your real problem.

    If there is a message about an indexing problem, it has always meant that there is some type of data corruption - whether inside of QQube, or inside of the QuickBooks file. 


    <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< 10/30/2012 04:29:01 AM >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Index 'mvd_Item' for table 'mvd_Item' would not be unique
    refresh materialized view "mvd_Item"
    ->Refresh View: mvd_Item Duration: 00:03:23.3736915

    Here is my reply to Chuck:

    After verifying & rebuilding the data (which quickbooks said was successful), it still got the same error on the Qqube sync early this morning. I sent the log to support thru the config tool.

    Any thoughts on what to do?

    If the QQube data is corrupted, can we get this fixed quickly, I have some reports coming due. thanks for all your help!

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