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Determine synchronization status within a report in QQube | CLEARIFY

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Determine synchronization status within a report

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  • I'd like to put a status message in the footer of a report that alerts users to outdated synchronization status with QuickBooks.

    I know the data exists [QQUBE].[QQube].[41646d696e].[md_QQUBE_SynchronizerStatus], but this data doesn't seem to be truly available.

    Perhaps there is another way to get to this data...but I've looked and I cannot find it. 

    If in fact, there is not a current way to get at this data, can I suggest the following:

    Can I suggest adding the following columns into vd_Company:

    LastQQubeSynchronizationStartDateTime,LastQQubeSynchronizationEndDateTime, LastQQubeSynchronizationStatus, LastQQubeSynchronizationReportDetail, LastQQubeSuccessfulSynchronizationEndDateTime 

  • +1 on this request.

  • Answered

    This is added to QQube Version 6.1

    There are two fields in the Company DIMENSION:

    1. QQube Last Synch (last date/time)
    2. QQube Last Synch Status 

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