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Overall Date selection

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  • We have a QB file with many years 1995-2015.

    Of course there is a possibility to archive and condense that file to a more reasonable 3 to 5 years old transactions. But so far it not convenient for us to do so.

    My suggestion would be to add a date selection in QQube config tool so only transactions newer than that date would be included in the database.


  • Answered

    Your suggestion for a date selection in QQube is a road map item for the next version of QQube.

    Having said that, 10 years of data inside of an accounting application is generally overkill.

    There is a gentleman in the Intuit community name Matt Clark at www.qbornotqb.com who can take a file, and split it into two pieces - old and new.  This might be a convenient option for you.

  • I agree its a lot of years but its also often very convenient.


  • I am wondering if the date selection option was ever implemented in QQube.  I would like to be able to run GL detail report for a selected date ranger rather than for all historical data in QB.  

  • Still on the roadmap, but looking at a spring release.  We have too many other smaller things that we are trying to get impelemented in 7.1, including fixes, and nuisances.  This will allow us to dig in on this option.

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