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Constant visibility to Item Description - Inventory Reports | CLEARIFY

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Constant visibility to Item Description - Inventory Reports

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  • I can only see the Item Description when I expand the view of the Item.  Most times I do not want to see all the transactions that generate my on-hand quantities or Availability.  But, I always need to see my Item Description.


  • Without seeing your spreadsheet, you should be able to do that easily with the expand/collapse feature of Excel.  You may have to play the combination of that column and the one to the left of it - and using the expand/collapse "all" feature; but you can get what you want.

    So if you have item, then item description, and the third column was reference number you would perform the collapse all on the item description column.

    Secondly use the description from the item folder, and not from the details folder, as that one could be different for every transaction.

    Expand means that it will expand every label column to the right of it.

  • Got it. Took just a minute but with your hint I got there. Thanks.   So the Item has to be the - mode and the Item Description in the + mode.  Next question:  Is there a quick way to change all the Items to - mode and all the Item Descriptions to + mode?  Right now I do the changing one click at the time. 

  • Answered

    IF you right click you will see the expand/collapse ENTIRE FIELD option.

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