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Option to specify Cash or Accrual in Summary reports | CLEARIFY

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Option to specify Cash or Accrual in Summary reports

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  • My understanding of QQube current behavior is that when you select the financial summary subject it runs the trial balance report in QuickBooks and retrieves the result and that this report is run based on the general preference in the QuickBooks file of Cash or Accrual.

    We are currently using this report as a sanity check against the General Ledger subject - for example it has already allowed us to catch files which need to be rebuilt and that has fixed problems instead of waiting for the customer to find a report to be wrong.

    The problem is that the General Ledger subject is inherently accrual, but the customer may want their QuickBooks to produce Cash by default.

    It would be nice if in the QQube configuration we could specify Cash or Accrual explicitly. I assume you would also want a Default option of however QuickBooks is configured as well.

  • Related to this, it would be nice if in the vd_Company view it would state which one was used. It currently tells you the date range, but not the detail of whether the report ran as Cash or Accrual.

  • Thank you for this suggestion.

    Just to clarify, the only subjects available for either cash or accrual are the financial summary subjects.  

    We do not have the ability for cash basis on any detail subject.

    The only place this preference is currently available is in our Lookup Subject for Data Entry Preferences. The field is called "Summary Reports Basis".

  • I would also like to see this as an option and not based on QB preference. 

  • same here

  • Answered

    Thank you for the suggestions in this area.

    Currently we don't have the ability to specify data models or specific preferences by company - and that would require a huge architectural change, that may or not be implemented in a future road map.   

    However, since it is a toggle (only two choices) it could be implemented much like the company options we now have on the QuickBooks Company List in the Data Sources section of the QQube Configuration Tool.   This is something we are looking at

    At the very least, we will add a company field as suggested by Yishai earlier in this thread, to show what the default setting in QB was used for the Financial Reports.  This specific feature is officially on the roadmap.

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