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Option to get the trial balance for all dates in QQube | CLEARIFY

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Option to get the trial balance for all dates

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  • We use the Trial Balance Activity report as a sanity check against the General Ledger.

    This has a limitation in that it only covers three years of data.

    It would be nice if QQube also provided the trial balance that would result from going into QuickBooks and doing a trial balance of date range: ALL.

    The current Trial Balance summary (vf_FINANCIALTB) shows for the current year, which makes it difficult/impossible to compare against the General Ledger for Income, Expense and Retained Earnings entries.

  • Since we use a form of Trial Balance for all dates for testing purposes, what we do is use the General Ledger Detail Subject, and create a shell that we can refresh on any file.

    The Trial Balance Activity is created from the Financial Summary extracts and not the General Ledger Detail subject.

    If you want to check the Trial Balance Summary vs the General Ledger, I would propose using the daily Trial Balance (you can change that date to any time in the future - and it will represent all dates).  You could compare that against the shell we mentioned above.

  • Sounds great, but I'm not sure what you mean by the daily Trial Balance?

  • Do you mean that if we put the date into the future, instead of clicking "today" the vf_FINANCIALTB will represent a trial balance up to that date without the retained earnings? The equivalent of going into Quickbooks and doing a blank start date and an end date of that future date?

  • Yes it is the equivalent of going into QB and doing a blank start date, and an end date.  In fact, it is a duplicate representation as financial summary extracts (including the daily trial balance), are actual pulls of QB reports using the SDK.  All details are reverse engineered.

  • OK, after clarifying how the option works, it still isn't a replacement for the "all" in quickbooks which would show you income and expense items. By setting a future date, I can only use this to verify Asset, Liability and Equity accounts (except for Retained Earnings). That is pretty good, but being able to have the equivalent of the "All" report would be nice.

  • Answered

    This has been added to QQube Version 6.1 as an Excel Add-In only analytic.

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