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Config Tool Test Connection

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  • Is there not a way to test the connection before running a manual refresh?

    I am having issues and it would really save a LOT of time if I didnt have to spend 4 hours each time to figure out that I got an error and needed to go back to square one.

  • Answered

    Thank you for your question - it is a good and fair one.

    In general, 90% of errors and error messages are Intuit Software Development Kit (SDK) messages about problems with extracting data - and/or connecting to QuickBooks.

    Thankfully, they are finite in nature, and haven't changed in 7+ years.

    For connection errors, e.g. QB is in single-user mode, wrong company, QuickBooks already open to the wrong company, quickstart turned on, two instances of QuickBooks open, QuickBooks Modal Dialogue Box, File is not protected with complex password, the error returns very quickly.

    For Data extraction errors, it depends upon when it occurs in the list of things we are trying to extract.  This is the case for corruption errors - and most likely where you would find about something several hours later.   One of the reasons, we include in our documentation - rebuild your QB file before loading the first time.

    QQube has some several internal messages, that relate to either data or QQube corruption.

    If Developers had a direct connection to the database, then receiving errors at any point in the synch process would not matter, because it would be quick.  However, that is not the case.

    We have two documents that *should* prevent users from having pain in the process:

    For users with one QuickBooks file: QuickBooks Preparation Checklist | CLEARIFY  there is a short 7 minute video that takes you step by step through the issues that are avoidable before every synching the data.

    For users with Multiple QuickBooks files: QuickBooks Multi-Company Setup in QQube | CLEARIFY  Again a short video that gives you step by step directions.

    The items mentioned in the video about preparing your QuickBooks file would be nice if you were warned when you first attempted to connect to QuickBooks, but as the case many times with the Intuit SDK, the specific fields we need for this are just not available for us to look at.

    So we are left with verbage in our trial download that says "necessary steps", and hope that people actually follow our advice.

    Every release, we revisit the log errors, and always look for ways to improve the process.

    In the upcoming 6.1 Version of QQube, we will change one thing that we can control:  if there is an abnormal interruption, or manual abort, QQube will AUTOMATICALLY reload data from scratch.  Other than that, we are stuck with our current methodology because of the constraints mentioned here.

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