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Request to sort list of companies in Excel plugin | CLEARIFY

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Request to sort list of companies in Excel plugin

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  • When using the excel plugin and selecting from the company list, the order is unsorted. It is not by ID (as it is in the QQube Configuration tool) and it is not by name.

    I have a client with over 100 files and many of them only have subtle variations in the names, and it makes it very hard to find the company you are looking for.

    It would be nice if that list were sorted.

  • Answered

    After careful thought, we have changed this behavior in QQube 6.2  

    The problem for this request, is the 'slippery slope' conundrum...  there are multiple fields in every dimension to sort on, and people could disagree on how they should be sorted.  Items, jobs, customers could certainly create competing opinions.

    This will order the company names by the normal company name - not the legal name, and should help those with dozens of company files in our QQube database.

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