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Available Metrics vs Available metrics to load is confusing | CLEARIFY

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Available Metrics vs Available metrics to load is confusing

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  • There are a lot of ways to redesign the user interface for selecting analytics to load but I suppose first we have to agree that it's confusing for more than just me. Comment or "like" the topic below to show your interest:

    When a user is given an opportunity to select what should be available for loading, they are presented with the below list of Topics to choose from. Inside each of those topics are sub-items. For example Customers in the available Analytics has both Sales and Accounts Receivable as sub items.

    QQube Available Analytics

    In the Dialog to choose Analytics to load the detailed items, i.e. Sales and Accounts Receivable  are shown but the parent is not. e.g.

    QQube Available Analytics to Load


    Alternatives include:

     1. In the available analytics dialog maintain the parent/child relationship for example in the image below Group1 would be the parent (e.g. Customer)  and User1,2 etc would be  the topics(Sales, Accounts Receivable)

    QQube Suggested Analytic Choices


    2. Include only parents (e.g. Customers) in the available analytics dialog

    3. Eliminate the available analytics dialog and load only those analytics that have been selected.


    Ernest D Cook Principal, Better Idea Group Office: (916) 774-2600 ext 101 IT’s time for a Better Idea
  • We agree there is potential confusion here, and is already internally noted as a future change. 

    The "parent/child" is a good idea.. hope we get more feedback.

  • Great idea! It will make it easier to accidentally omit the ones you really want. It's also challenging when the "Check Available Analytics to Load" list is longer than the pane and you have to scroll down to see the whole list. We often take screen shots of this list if we have to delete the db file, and if we don't notice there is a vertical scroll, sometimes they get missed.

    Angela Meharg Founder, Datisfy Inc. +1 800-801-4024
  • Correction - it will make it easier not to accidentally omit the ones you want.

    Angela Meharg Founder, Datisfy Inc. +1 800-801-4024
  • Any update on the availability of this? 

    Ernest D Cook Principal, Better Idea Group Office: (916) 774-2600 ext 101 IT’s time for a Better Idea
  • Answered

    Thank you for pointing out this issue.  Our QQube product has grown with so many options in this version, that our current display/organization is no longer appropriate, as it might have been 8 years ago.

    Along with this item, we are going to address the following items in QQube Version 6.4 expected by end of September, 2018

    1. The wizard will more accurately narrow down what is loaded on the initial synch.  We have different analytics for different types of businesses.  Ditto for tax years.
    2. The manual refresh window will mirror exactly the "parent/child" organization of the available analytics area.
    3. If an analytic is not loaded, it won't be available to open in the examples area

    Admittedly there can be some confusion as to why there is an available analytics area, and an additional manual refresh area.  However having only one place to do this, could severely effect refresh times due to the architecture of the transformation process in QQube, and eliminates end user choice in a manual update. 

    Staging is necessary to get refresh times as low as possible.

    Maybe faster / more efficient technology will be available in the future that will eliminate our need to create this Multi Step staging process. 

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