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Excel Addin Display of Subjects

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  • When I manually refresh and check ONLY  Company Info and Customers...

    I do not expect the EXCEL ADDIN to also include all of thee other analytics.   This is confusing to user as there will be no data to view and it adds complexity to their simple request. 

    I know you have mentioned to me that this is because you are "pre checking"  all of the subjects and you have to deselect what you don't want.  While many clients do do this on their own, I don't think this should be the Default....

  • Answered

    There are several potential issues here, and part of it may be personal expectations - which makes for good discussion.

    Someone could make the case that even though they only check Company Info and Customers to refresh, they still had other analytics that were refreshed earlier - and they would still like to use them.  So their expectation of what they wanted to see, might be different than yours.

    There are four pieces to this:

    1. Main analytics area.  You choose which subjects will be available for manual refresh, the empty data views are created, and you tell QQube "these are the analytics I want to work with".
    2. Manual refresh area.  You choose what you want to update.  If you only need to update financial summaries at that moment, then you choose that one, and leave the others alone.
    3. Excel Add-In. From the analytics you made available in Step 1, will now show in the Excel Add-In.  Even if you never actually manually refreshed a particular analytic, it will still be available - and it won't error out
    4. Examples.  For the moment we don't show or hide based upon what was chosen in Step 1, so it is possible that somebody opens up an example, and gets an error.

    Another post described a potential confusion between Step 1 and Step 2.  That can be fixed so that Steps 1 thru 3 at least reflect the same hierarchy/wording.

    Step 4 will be visited in the future.

    Lastly, it appears from experience that most customers load all data via the wizard.  We tried several iterations over the years, and even when given the choice to choose say inventory vs sales vs purchasing, they chose them all, because they think that inventory can only run if sales and purchasing are also run (even though we know that is not the case).

    So by default customers choose everything.  Where we have a disconnect is to have them remove what they don't want at a later time, because it could save a ton of time on the manual refresh update synchs.

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