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Percent (%) Gross Profit and % Net Profit analytic or measure request | CLEARIFY

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Percent (%) Gross Profit and % Net Profit analytic or measure request

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  • Hello All,   

    I am pretty DAX ignorant, and this may be something that is pretty easy for those not as ignorant to figure out, but we need to be able to analyze our financials with by percent (%) Gross Profit and % Net Profit because our COGS change so much because of the types of work we do(custom home builders).  This would be great to be able to look at this by cost code/budget item in the P&L especially, as our % change month to month and this change can result in success or failure for the whole organization.  Does anybody know how we can get this information from QQube, specifically for Power BI?  Thanks so much in advance.



  • Can you clarify these percentages?

    Would sales and cogs of sales ONLY have % Gross Profit?  or all account types?

    Net Profit I am assuming it would be all account types as well

  • Sorry, i guess this title is kind of misleading.  What we want is % income for all costs(COGS and Expenses). So, for example x$ of Labor is What % of Income for that time period.  What would be best for us is to have it exactly like Quickbooks give us with the P&L with % Income report, where % income is its' own column for each account in a P&L.  This gives us all COGS sub-accounts and all expense accounts as they relate to Income for the month and year.  We would like to be able to compare our costs, month by month, as it relates to income.  I think i understand you question in that Gross profit would only be what is remaining after COGS is subtracted from Income, but this would be the same as COGS (100-COGS/% income)).  Sorry for the misleading title.  Thanks,

  • % of sales(income) is already in QQube - for every pandl account type.  For instance

    • Mar 2018 Actuals % Sales
    • Mar 2018 Budget % Sales
    • Previous YTD Actuals % Sales

    These columns are there to mimic QB, and are available in the following analytics:


  • OMG!!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you. I knew you guys must of had this already and I just couldn’t find it.   This program is amazing.  Worth twice what I paid for it.  I am getting such amazing insight on my business. 

  • Are these found in theprebuilt visualizations forPowerBI, or only forpowerpivot.  I cannot find them in thePowerBI fields nor can I find datasets or reports with the names:



  • Answered

    They are not chosen by default in the Power BI examples... because there are some 450 columns... We choose just enough to get started.

    You have to go in to the data model and get what you need, as shown here: 

    Choosing additional QQube Columns for Power BI

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