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Progress bar

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  • Hi,

    It might be useful for some people to have a progress bar in QQube config tool, when a sync is running.



  • Answered

    If you are a single-user, there are two places that shows you what is being loaded:

    1. The synch mechanism in the lower right hand tray

    2. And on the QQube Configuration Tool itself

    In terms of knowing how long something will take to load (which is the essence of a progress bar) - it is virtually impossible to predict that, given all of the possible variables:

    • What is being pulled
    • How many transactions might be pulled - and how many lines for each
    • List items
    • Deleted items
    • Open items
    • Financial statements by class
    • Profit and loss by job by class which is a cross join of job, account, class
    • Speed of machine and cores used
    • Type and mix of transactions stored in the QB file
    • Other people accessing QB at the same time
    • Other processes running that might compete for cpu and memory

    Because the Intuit SDK is NOT a direct connection to the database, most of the time we have no idea how many records we will actually retrieve - until they are retrieved. 

    It would double and triple the time to extract, if we first had to go to each transaction or extraction, and figure out how many records were going to be pulled ahead of time - and then create an algorithm that takes into effect all of the hardware possibilities, and come up with an "estimate" of time.  Essentially we would be making a pass to estimate, and a pass to extract - wholly inefficient.

    We actually tried this some years back on one of our wizards loading the opening data, and it was a futile waste of resources, and became a joke when somebody would say "it told me 24 days to load the data".  Just not possible.

    So the best we can do, is show what is being loaded at the bottom of the configuration tool, as shown above, or have the same information show in bubble text above the synch lightning bolt in the lower right hand tray.

  • Thank you for this detailed explanation.


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