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Access to the database during sync. | CLEARIFY

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Access to the database during sync.

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  • When you sync now, the .DB file is wiped while the new one is built.  During this time, no one can access the database.

    Can I suggest that instead, the old .DB is left in place until a valid new sync is completed and a new DB is created.  Then, the old DB is renamed and optionally kept (setup option) and the new valid file becomes the active one.

    This would also allow for comparison of the files which might also be useful for some people.

  • Answered

    Thank you for the interesting suggestion.

    For most people, the synch is done overnight - when nobody would be retrieving the data.  If people are doing updated synchs, the time is only a few minutes, and in the long scheme of things doesn't seem to cause too much consternation.   This is QuickBooks after all.

    In theory this is a nice sounding idea - in reality this is not a common, or practical practice in the data warehouse world. and not something we would pursue.

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