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Enhanced schedules

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  • I'd like to suggest the option of multiple schedules.  For example:

    • Schedule 1 has a full sync occurring every Saturday morning
    • Schedule 2 has an incremental sync happening three times a day

    Ideally, the schedule would allow for the start time of each sync i.e. 6am, 8:30am, 2pm, 7pm rather that just a start time and an interval.

  • This idea will be better suited for QBO as the extraction time will be exponentially faster than what occurs in the desktop.

    Our overall view, is that we are first a tool for generating metrics e.g. yearly, quarterly, monthly, periodically, weekly, daily.    Multiple times a day usually indicate that QQube is being used to fill in a gap that QB has e.g. inventory updates, or the like. 

    Our opinion has been, that these situations are better filled with a true 3rd party application, of which the available qty on hand is only one of many pieces needed to run a fulfillment center in QB.

    Not always the case, but our experience.

    Of course, the Intuit SDK - at 20 years old, and not tied directly to the QB database, can take unanticipated times to load things like balance sheet by class, or detailed analytics.   Another reason, we "shy away" from interim daily loads.

    Can you expound on the business case please?

  • QB is most often used by finance people - accounts, purchasing etc.  Accounts data on the whole is not very dynamic.  However, some of the data in the system for things like purchase orders etc is needed by the broader company and is subject to much more frequent change..

    For example, a Project Manager advises accounts that items are needed for a project.  These items are on an estimate or a sales order.  On that estimate/sales order are many items which may come from multiple suppliers.  Purchasing need to eb able to advise the project manager when each order is placed and also when the order is filled by the supplier - i.e. when the items are received.

    Rather than giving each PM access to QB and having to train them as well, we can just give them a dashboard and they can see the status of purchase orders as they change during the day.

    The second case is sales.  Giving them access to inventory data - particularly ageing items we want to sell faster is best handled by a dashboard.  We however do not want sales to keep quoting items no longer in stock.

    QBO unfortunately does not have the features of QB Enterprise like advanced inventory.  When it does, we will be the first to move!  To achieve similar results, we need QBO and many addons which increase complexity and cost when compared to QB Enterprise on premise.  Finally, depending on where in the world you are, QBO has different features and Advanced is only available in the USA.

    Examples like this are why some data should be refreshed at different frequencies.

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