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CPU multi threading

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  • Synchronisation of larger QB files in particular creates large data sets.  This creation can take a significant time (over two hours in our case).  This creation maxs out one CPU core on the server while the other cores sit idle.  It would be a significant business benefit to have the sync cycles take a shorter time and allowing multi threading would dramatically reduce that time.

    I understand that this might require a licence upgrade - as long as the price for this was reasonable we would certainly acquire that upgrade.  Please make a version available that supports at least two cores. 

  • Answered

    This is an interesting suggestion, but would have a negligible effect on the data extraction process.

    The problem with the SDK extraction methods, is that some transactions have 6 or 7 layers between the SDK and the actual database.  So the time it takes to retrieve the data is 90% of the extraction process.

    Once we retrieve the data into memory it is quickly processed. 

    I remember 20 years ago, visiting with Intuit about their first iterations of the SDK - it took 20 minutes for ONE RECORD!   So they did at least fix that.

    But attempting to send multiple requests via threads wouldn't make things any faster.

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