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Skipping Pop-up boxes

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  • Chuck,

    Since we have been having issues with pop-up boxes related to marketing of services, and Intuit etc. I would like to suggest that there is a way to skip over the pop-up boxes entirely, and continue with the sync as usual. That way, my syncs won't get hung up with a pop-up that I have no control over.

    Thanks so much for your consideration.

    Harris Grandberg

  • This would be wonderful, but unfortunately, this is not something Chuck or any QuickBooks API developer can control. This is strictly in the realm of Intuit and its API implementation.

    Just as you have no control over those pop-ups, so too any API developer has no control.

  • Answered

    Yishai is quite correct. The main reason for this issue is that access to QuickBooks cannot run as a service. It must run in an active Windows session and the QB application must be able to be opened by the integrated application. Intuit has made QB a bit of a black box, unfortunately. We are grateful that Chuck has done the hard work of creating and continually improving QQube as there are so few options available for getting at the data.

    Angela Meharg Founder, Datisfy Inc. +1 800-801-4024
  • Hi Harris, and everyone working with QQube.

    Our team at Mendelson Consulting / Noobeh hosts QB and QQube (and a ton of other stuff), and we have a lot of other add-ons hosted that need to have persistent sync connections, etc. - and yes, the QB popups very much get in the way.

    We have solved this, for the most part. It works for QQube as well as other applications integrating with QB desktop. The method works on our Microsoft Azure cloud servers for users running QQube syncs via a QQubeUser (unattended). Sometimes it takes a little tweaking to identify all the popups that need to be cleared, but it is solving the issue in a variety of situations.

    Joanie Mann Mendelson Consulting NOOBEH Cloud Services Division Office 954 241-3121 x 311 Direct 754 210-2195 jmann@mendelsonconsulting.com | jmann@noobeh.com
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