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Multi Threaded QQube

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  • I have always noticed that QQube only uses a single core, is there a way to enable QQube to use more than 1 core?  Is this a feature you guys can look at in the future?  

    If the processing could take advantage of more threads, with NVME storage, everything should really speed up?  

    Have a nice day everyone


  • Answered

    Hi Allan.  Sorry for the late reply.  This is Chuck, CEO and chief architect.

    The single-core is a matter of licensing from our vendor.

    The reality, is that not much can be done to speed up the process, although we are going to  attempt a tweak this year after we get online out.  We expect that it will reduce time by up to 30% depending upon the data model being used - but we really don't know yet.   Just one more attempt from a long list of things we have tried.

    Even multi-threading would not be helpful, because it interferes with the actual sequential calls that the Intuit SDK makes to request the data.  Just not technologically possible - and many have tried.

    90% of the speed issues are tied up in the Intuit SDK call to retrieve data from QB, because of the layers between the SDK extraction and the raw data.  The larger the file the longer it takes to even get a response back from QuickBooks before it ever releases the data to us.

    Once QB gets the call from the SDK, lots going on underneath the hood to create the XML that gets extracted.

    The Intuit SDK is now 23 years old, and the methods therein will never change.

    We have spent an enormous amount of resources to try different angles, methods - including the 64 bit SDK that Intuit released; but there was no benefit, much to our chagrin.

    Our chief engineer has now built two of the top 3rd party desktop applications of all time - QQube and the QODBC driver.  You name an option, and he drills in.

    We have optimized whatever we could, wherever we could.  And of course we pull data that nobody else has even tried, because of the holes in the SDK - so it compounds the appearance.

    We appreciate you and we always keep trying.

    Thank you for helping us to get better.

  • Thank you for taking the time to respond.  I totally understand.  

    In the meanwhile I have brought the process down to less than 30 minutes by using NVME storage and 10GB networking and a higher Frequency CPU.  All virtualized on Hyper-V.  QQube server is on one server and QB server is on another.  

    Testing Proxmox and xcp-ng at the moment with ZFS storage for the virtual disks.  I like the benchmarks far and networking performance is double on the same hardware vs. Hyper-V.  Have not tested QQube yet, but thats coming up when the rest of my hardware arrives.  

    I like dedicated servers..so I won't put QQube on my QB server, and i have been keeping them on different arrays /servers so the read is going from one drive and onto another?   Does that even matter?  If they are on the same array with the same processor, will that slow things down? 

  • I really don't think it will make much of a difference.  The "hangup" is at the point of contact within QuickBooks itself once the request is made - at that point it is using the CPU of the machine where the QB file is.

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