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Using QQube with BI - how to get data via DSN | CLEARIFY

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Using QQube with BI - how to get data via DSN

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  • Could you tell me how to add Qqube Data to an existing BI project?  I am using the trial version of QQube to determine if it's the right tool to use with my BI project.  When I try to add data using the QQube DSN I am prompted for a username and password.  Mine does not work.  Can you supply the credentials for me to connect QQube to my BI project?  Or is there another way to connect?

    Thank you.

  • HI Frank,

    I have been playing with PowerBI and QQube. I was able to connect with a user name(qqube user or qqbe financials)based on the subject I chose and no password. QQube would be great in power BI.  Be interested in your experiences. 

  • Answered

    QQube installs two DSN's on every machine where either the server or client is installed.

    1. QQubeFinancials with password "Financials" without the quotations
    2. QQubeUser with password "User" without the quotations

    QQubeFinancials is the super user.

    For every application on earth, connecting to QQube via the DSN's requires no password, as the password is built into the DSN.  Of course Microsoft decided to make an exception for Power BI, and stores the credentials in an entirely different manner.

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