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Is there an "all included" Powerbi example? | CLEARIFY

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Is there an "all included" Powerbi example?

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  • The examples provided are great, but are (understandably) slimmed down to include only the relevant tables modelled for the topic at hand. However, I am hoping somebody already has a "master" template with *all* of the tables and defined relationships? Even if they aren't fleshed out with graphs, that would be fine. I am trying to make one single published QB datasource for my end users, if possible.

  • Answered

    Providing a "master" template would be difficult for the following two reasons:

    1. Loading every analytic at the same time, would take forever, and could bring your machine to its knees.
    2. What one organization wants as a master, would be different than another.  For instance if you are a restaurant or retailer, you wouldn't be using contractor or job cost analytics.

    We have examples for every analytic available, and that would be your starting place, as the relationships are already created for you.   

    Additionally, if you look at, say one of the financial Power BI examples in the QQube Configuration Tool, you will see how you tie together several analytics.  In particular, you will see that the same dimension (using account as an example) cannot be used across every FACT table for each analytic; it always requires an alias, to avoid getting unwarranted results.

    Lastly, our examples only include the most often used DIMENSIONS, e.g. item, account, class, etc. because it is less data to load.  If you want to see ALL of the possible linked tables for an analytic, I would simply open up one of the Microsoft Access examples, and look at the relationships.  You will find them easy to follow; for instance the FACT table has "LinkToAccountID", and the DIMENSION table has "LinkForAccountID".

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