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Cash Collected

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  • I'm looking for a way to pull cash collected minus refunds to customers. I can pull a profit loss cash basis report in QB to get the data but cannot figure out how to get the data in QQube. Which template should i start with? Here is a picture of the data in QB


  • Answered

    Two comments on this:

    QQube does not cash basis reporting, with one exception - financial summaries.  e.g. profit and loss, and balance sheet.

    If you turn on the reporting preferences in QuickBooks to cash basis, then QQube will pull out the financial summary information based upon that preference.  However realize that is only financial summary data - and not details of any kind.

    We have a job cost details data model - which includes not only what is invoiced, but what is received, and of course what is outstanding.  This applies to both the income and purchases side of things.  This may be a better alternative to getting your final results.

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