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How to Load QQube Data in PowerPivot | CLEARIFY

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How to Load QQube Data in PowerPivot

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  • Hey There

    Wondering how do I load the QQube Data into PowerPivot. I have qqube loaded but I cannot find how to load it into PowerPivot. Any help would be appreciated and really like the product.



    Derek Bollig

  • PowerPivot operates differently than a normal Pivot Table as it contains a version of SQL server inside of the Excel Spreadsheet - called a Data Model.  QQube has the data models all pre-loaded for you, and can be found in the Configuration Tool https://clearify.com/wiki/view/351/getting-started-with-powerpivot.  You can pick the fields you need and then you can remove what you don't need from the Data Model (strongly advised for speed purposes).

    PowerPivot be enabled in Excel 2013 via the Excel-Options>Add-Ins.

  • Answered

    Please disregard this question as it has already been answered

    I've opened up one of the examples but I don't recognize any of this data, how do I load my own data into Powerpivot?


    Data ribbon -> refresh All

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