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  • Just have to share two new insights with QQube...... Ok I have drunk the kool aid on power pivot!  I just got the book by Rob Collie (powerpivot(pro) and it is a great book on using Power Pivot.   And sigh.. I can just hear Chuck saying "Its about time!"    So now I am very excited about playing with it and using for my customers..  On top of that, the light bulb went how to leverage Qqube by using my own filters into Excel so as to make the resulting dataset in Excel smaller.  way cool....... I want to create a blog on each of these new adventures, so stay tuned!  

    QQube is still the best thing aaround for working with QB datasets. 



  • Hi Fran.  Is this the book you got?


  • Answered

    Yes and I got the MS Excel 2013  Building Data Models with PowerPivot..  They tend to complement each other.

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