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Where to find Credit/Debit Fields

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  • I've been asked to recreate a custom QuickBooks report (Job Cost report) in QQube as a way to learn QQube and I'm 80% there except for a Debit and Credit fields.  My accounting skills are primitive, so please communicate with me using simple language. 

    The tables/fields which have given me my info so far are:
    *Table = Job,              Field = Job Name - Hierarchy Level 1 
    *Table = Job,              Field = Job Name - Hierarchy Level 2 
    *Table = Job,              Field = Job Name - Hierarchy Level 3 
    *Table = Job Cost Details,      Field = Job Document Type (Invoice or Check) 
    *Table = Calender - Tranasction Date,      Field = Transaction Date  
    *Table = Job Cost Details,      Field = Job Document Reference Number
    *Table = Job Cost Details,      Field = Job Line Rate
    *Table = Class,           Field = Class Full Name 
    *Table = Class,           Field = Class Name 
    *Project Billing (I don't know what table/field where this comes from though I would like to understand its origins).  It was part of the QQube report that I imported over)

    (1)Field = Job Line Rate is a critical field for me.  In my custom QB report, each figure from this field goes either in the "Credit" or "Debit" field.
    (2)Project Billing matches perfectly with my desired "Credit" info however I wonder if there is a better place to get this info. 
    (3)My random clicking into fields has not yielded the "Debit" info I need. 

    I suppose I could go to the excel power-pivot table and insert "Debit" data with a formula Debit = (Job Line Rate - Project Billing) however i do not want to do that. 

    Any suggestions where I need to look to find the Debit and Credit info that matches the Job Line Rate figures?

  • Answered

    The General Ledger subject deals with Credits/Debits - and for purposes of what you are trying to do, may be a better fit.  You can certainly group by job.

    The Job Cost Subject does not - so you would have to create your own formula to assimilate debits and credits from the amounts.

    I am curious about wanting Job Line Rate as a Credit or Debit - because it is neither.  Mulitplying qty x rate would give you a G/L Amount that would result in either a debit or credit.

    Project Billing is what you have invoiced on the project.

    You are doing ok.  Feel free to continue to post questions here.

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