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Adding Excel table to the PP data model using QQube | CLEARIFY

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Adding Excel table to the PP data model

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  • I'm only just beginning to use Qqube, and really got it to take advantage of its Power Pivot functionality.  I'm experiencing some difficulty, however, putting a simple Excel table into the model.  I just want to compare Actual financial results (from Qqube - Quickbooks "Profit and Loss Summary" table below) to Budget (from Excel table - "Budget 2015 PL" table below).  I created a relationship between the "Account PandL" table (from Qqube) and "Budget.." table using the 'Account Number' column  (using Budget table as the lookup table - properly formatted columns)....... BUT... keep reading below the picture...


    PP Table Diagram



    BUT these are the results I get... Budget amounts for each account equal the total aggregated amount for the budget. (In the first row, I noted from which table the column data is taken)

    Power Pivot


    What's the problem here?  Just fyi - I want to fix this in PP, not upload my budget into Qbooks.  

    I greatly appreciate any help and guidance, and I really want my first experience with Qqube and PP to be a good one... thank you!

  • Answered

    This is a great question.

    This requires one or more links from your Excel sheet to QQube using Period, or Year and Period.  e.g. QQube would have a field called period, and your spreadsheet would also have a column called period.

    Without a period link, you get the results you have shown.

    This is something we will address in the next version of QQube, to meet this and other needs like yours.

  • I am also struggling with a similar issue and would welcome any additional training or help you can provide.  Has there been a new version of QQube that addressed this?

  • We have Solution Providers who are adept at providing this type of assistance, and we also partner with Mr. Excel the guru of Excel functionaltiy, and Rob Collie of PowerPivotPro who specializes in PowerPivot.

    All contact information is listed on this page: https://clearify.com/resources/find-an-expert

    Version 6 is due in early 2016, and will have the functionality mentioned in the earlier comment.


  • Rob Collie's new book: Dax Formulas for PowerPivot is a great training resource.  He goes into several examples as to why you may not get the results you want from powerpivot.  I consider it a must if you want to learn PowerPivot.  Fran

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