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freezing column headers?

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  • I have been looking online for a way to freeze column headers in the powerpivot inventory report but haven't found anything that works. Is it possible to do this? The report is very long and I would like to be able to keep the headers in view as I scroll down so I can easily see what the different columns are.

  • Just using the freeze panes option in Excel.

    If you put the cursor in the pivot table where you want the pane freezing to occur, then just choose the first option.  It is under the View Menu in Excel.

  • Answered

    Ah ha! Thank you! I had to try a few times since it doesn't seem very intuitive. I had to select the row under the row I wanted to freeze and now the filters and table headers are frozen. Perfect! I was trying to freeze from within the power pivot window's design tab which is what I had found online. Appreciate your super fast responses! I might suggest adding this by default to the template since I can't see how it wouldn't be useful to everyone.

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