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Editing date column in inventory report

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  • I am trying change the calculation for the sales date range in the inventory report. I see that I change it in the Power Pivot tab > Measures > Manage Measures. I am trying to change the Last Year's Sales Quantity to All, but when I go to edit the calculation I am not sure of how to change it to get all sales. Can anyone please tell me what the formula should be changed to?

  • Since you want all dates, then you don't need a calculation. By default it is already all dates, so you just need the Sales Qty column.

  • Answered

    Matt, are you looking for ALL Sales (irregardless of period), then Chuck's answer applies.. Or are you looking for a measure where you want the  grand Total Sales Qty for Last Year, irregardless of filter.  So you can do  a percent of total type of calc? if later, lots of ways to do... check out Matt ALingtons blog...https://exceleratorbi.com.au/the-all-function-in-dax/            Either way, I would write a new measure and not override what QQube has.  


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