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item cost

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  • I have customized a report to sort items by vendor so I can use the report to create purchase orders. The report shows the item name, MPN, amount on hand, amount sold over x period and amount to order (a measure I added). It works great. But one thing it is missing is the item cost. I would like to be able to see a total of what the PO will be. I can write a simple measure to do this but after looking through all of the lookup tables I cannot find item cost, as recorded in the Quickbooks item list. Is this something available to QQUBE and if so, where do I find it?


  • Answered

    Currently we only have the Item Purchase Cost field and not the Average Cost Field.

    There is a technical reason for this:  The Intuit SDK doesn't tell us which items would be affected when this changes underneath the QB hood - so in essence we would have to reload the item "table" every time there is a synch, rather than just the ones that "change".

    We have decided to make this an option in a release this fall, so that people like you can have access to the field - at the cost of a little longer data synch refresh.  The machines are also much faster now - as opposed to the time we created QQube 8 years ago; so the "extra time" is minor, and less of a nuisance.

  • Thanks! So, is the Item Purchase Cost field the "Cost" field from the edit item window? Or is it the actual cost from previous purchases? If it's the actual cost, is it an aggregate of all purchases in the time period? And finally, which table is it in? I didn't see it in the item table.

  • Yes, from the Item window.  It is something that is manually kept up with.  The field is called Item Purchase Cost.  If you are using the Excel Add-In, you have to "Show More Fields"


  • Thank you!

  • Hello,

      Is the Average Cost inbuilt now? Since there was a mention that the fall version might have it incorporated.


  • The best place to check for what new features are added - or not - is in the suggestions and new ideas forum.

    From what I can tell, both in the QQube release notes, and the forum, is that it hasn't been added.

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