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P&L Freestyle - Problem with groupings | CLEARIFY

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P&L Freestyle - Problem with groupings

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  • I'm working my first Power Pivot QQube report, starting with one of the prebuilt examples.  I'm stuggling with the account  p&l groupings.  I want to use just one level of the A-D groupings, but in the predefined pivot, all the groupings are part of a "total" ".Profit and Loss Hierarchy", and I can't seem to select only my chosen grouping. How do I break-down this rollup, and use just the one column?

  • Answered

    Hi Tracy,  We have a meeting today and This is a great topic to discuss and go over today.  You kinda need all of QQube's groupings to get a good financial summary, but you can set up your own also. I have also done some reports by "Account Type"  which gets me away from the prebuilt hierarchy.  hope that gives you some ideas.  


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