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QQUbe data model/schema map availability | CLEARIFY

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QQUbe data model/schema map availability

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  • Is there a QQUbe data model/schema map available?

    I am using PowerPivot and need to create my own data model to combine QuickBooks/QQube data with data we have coming from other sources.


  • Answered

    This is the place to start: QuickBooks Desktop Data Schemas | CLEARIFY 

    All of the wiki pages underneath that are referenced on the page.

    A second method is to open up any one of the Crystal Reports, and open up the Database Expert.

    A third method is to open up any of the Access examples, and look at the relationships or open up Power BI, and look at the data model and existing relationships.

    As a true data warehouse, using star schemas, there is only one way to put together the data.

    Since you will not have access to the actual database, and thus the internal keys generated by QuickBooks, we suggest you link to the following:

    For Transactions, use the Transaction Number, which is unique among all transactions.

    For lists with multi-levels e.g. item, job, you will have to use the full-name, because the name can be repeated at different levels.

    For lists without multi-levels, then you can link using the name.

    Note also, that any joins from a dimension to other data must be a left outer join, (that dimension may not always have a value in the FACT table).  Otherwise you will get unexpected results.

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