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Change Company Quickbooks Username Within Qqube Configuration Tool

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  • When I initially set up one of the Quickbooks companies, I ignored all warnings to use a new user name that was not in use.

    How do I change the credentials used in the configuration tool?

    I have tried to delete and re-add the company but it appeared to skip the authorization step and assumed I wanted to use the previous login information.



  • I followed all the instructions exactly and QQube used to run syncs in the background without interfering with any of my users.  After loading the most recent patch, QQube now logs in on a completely different account and either fails or locks out the user it is affecting.  This is quite frustrating.

    There is an established procedure for changing the account QQube uses to log in, which can be found on this site somewhere.  That work is done from within QuickBooks while logged in as ADMIN in SINGLE USER mode.  You go into the setup for Integrated Applications and delete the QQube user and start over, following the directions.


  • Answered

    Our Initial Setup Guide tells you how to setup a user that is dedicated to the QQube Synch Process.


    If you inadvertently chose the wrong or different user, than you go to QuickBooks>Edit>Preferences and remove the QQube Data Warehouse from the list of Integrated Applications.

    Then you remove the company from QQube, and add back in the same step - and the re-authorization will proceed. 

    Remove a QuickBooks File from QQube: https://clearify.com/wiki/view/3311/remove-a-quickbooks-company-file

    Add a QuickBooks file to QQube: https://clearify.com/wiki/view/3310/add-a-quickbooks-company-file

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