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Investigating a Synch Error in QQube | CLEARIFY

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Synch Error

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  • trying to do the initial synch with a QB Enterprise file.  QQube had indicated that the synch should take 2 hours.  Ran yesterday for 5, then threw an error in the Status column.  Running it again and Status is still InProgress, but it has been stuck on 75-Querying for over an hour and the procees has been running a total of 4 1/2 hours today (even thought the end time has not updated on the attached).  Is this normal behavior?

  • Answered

    The time that it takes to extract data is dependent upon several factors:

    1. Size of the QB file
    2. Speed of the machine
    3. Subjects chosen

    An enterprise of file size 500Meg can take several hours, or 4 or 5 hours for job costing and general ledger.  REMEMBER, that this is only the first time you load the data.  Subsequent loads - which retrieve only changes - should only take several minutes+

    Intuit does not allow any third party developers direct access to the database, and despite the custom reporting mechanism available in QB Enterprise - which is a close proximation to direct access - it is necessary to use a combination of the SDK (which uses slow XML) and the Custom Reporting Views to get all of the data.  No one mechanism contains all that is needed.

    This guide discusses the synch process and extraction process in more detail: https://clearify.com/wiki/view/389/synch-is-slow

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