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Listing of Serial Numbers Available in Inventory

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  • Hello All,

    Long time QB user, first time QQube.  I need to produce a simple listing of all items and their serial numbers available for use (sale) currently in inventory.  What is a quick way to do that?

    I don't see a field that contains such an "available" flag, so would I have look at whether or not each serial has an Inventory Document Type of Invoice event and only include the ones that don't? 


    I'm sure there's an easier way but I'm just not seeing it yet.  Thanks much!


  • Answered

    You would use the inventory subject.

    Minimally you need the Inventory Line Serial/Lot Number field as your first 'row' item, and the Inventory Line Inventory Quantity field in the Values area.

    We have attached a very simple example.  Note that we have included a field in this example called Inventory Document Forecast Type.  It rolls up all history into one line, and pending, open po, and open so as separate categories.  Just simplifies the presentation.

    You can just open up the Excel sheet, and it will auto ask you to refresh the data. (Make sure you have the Inventory subject checked and loaded from the QQube Configuration Tool FIRST).

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