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Unable to select from vd_CalYrCashBasisDate view

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  • I am using QQube v5.5, and accessing QQube's database using Sybase Central (SQL Anywhere client). I am able to see and query the views I need, however, there is one view which gives me a 'permission denied' error:

    ERROR [42000] [Sybase][ODBC Driver][SQL Anywhere]Permission denied: you do not have permission to select from "vd_CalYrCashBasisDate" . 

    Other date lookup views are working as expected. Not sure why this is happening. I was able to select from it before, in another database I created (probably an earlier version of QQube).

    Any ideas? Thank you very much.

  • Answered

    Since you are using Sybase Central, you are seeing all tables and views - and not all of them are available for public use.  CashBasis is not available in QQube.  You would also notice that there is no "LinkToCashBasisDateID" field in any of the FACT tables.

    This calendar view was put in anticipation of having cash basis available in QQube, but it has not been implemented - and may or not be available in future releases of QQube.

    That is determined by the need/requests.

  • Thank you for the response, much appreciated! 

    Understood that features are driven by demand. Please count this as a formal request for the cash basis feature. 

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