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Can I create a certified payroll report in QQube | CLEARIFY

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Certified Payroll Reporting

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  • My company is required to file a certified payroll report each week with TXDOT (Texas Department of Transportation). The report is required on all jobs that have federal money tied to them. The report should contain:

    1. Employee's Last 4 SSN
    2. Employee's Name
    3. Employee's Gender
    4. Employee's Ethnicity
    5. Job Name
    6. Date of hours worked
    7. Number of hours worked by date
    8. Identify if hours were regular time or overtime
    9. Hourly Rate
    10. Overtime Hourly Rate


    QuickBooks will generate a certified payroll report but the report is exported to Excel upon compilation. You do not have an opportunity to customize the report. The report that QuickBooks generates does not include Employee's Gender or Employee's Ethnicity.

    I have attempted to create a certified payroll report using QQube but it requires information from two different subjects which I have been unsuccessful in tieing the information together from the two subjects.


    Your helkp is greatly appreciated



  • Answered

    This is all available in the Payroll Analytic.

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