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What does "Items Categorized separately from Sales" mean?

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  • This is one of the filters in "Item".   Not sure what it means.. Thanks  Fran

  • Answered

    It represents the highlighted option below on the following item types:

    • Service
    • Non-Inventory
    • Other Charge

    Item Categorized Separately From Sales

    If it is not checked, then it only gets posted to the one 'sales' account whether used in a customer invoice, or vendor bill.

    Item Not Categorized From Sales

  • Oh, its the two sided item feature.  are you using for information only?  cuase I would expect that the Account associated with the item in QQQube would be the one appropriate for the transaction.

  • If it is NOT checked then you use the following related fields from the Item DIMENSION:  Item Account FullName/Name/Number, Item Price Amount/Percent.  

    If it IS checked then the same above fields represent the Sales category Side, and the Item COGS/Expense Account Full Name/Name/Number, Item Purchase Cost/Description/Tax Code (CAN) for the expense category side.

    Easiest way to see this, is to just pull into the Excel Add-In one item that has the category checkbox checked, and one that is not.

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