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Excel Add-In won't install in QQube | CLEARIFY

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Excel Add-In won't install

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  • If I try to install QQube with the Excel Add-in checked, the installation fails. If I install without the Excel Add-in installed, it installs OK, but how do I go back and install the Excel add-in?

  • Answered

    First go back in the Control Panel, and uninstall the QQube Add-In

    Then, do two things:

    1. If exists, rename this directory to something different: C:\Program Files (x86)\CLEARIFY\QQube Tool\QQube Add-In For Excel
    2. Make sure Excel is closed (check the Task Manager to ensure that EXCEL.EXE is not running), and Install with the Excel Add-In checked. 


    Well, in this case assure your add-in is installed correctly and it is enabled, after that checks the COM Add-Ins” dialog in Excel.

    If the excel add-ins are not load successfully, then open Excel options (File->Options) and navigate to Add-Ins tab. “Healthy add-ins” show up as “Active Application Add-ins”, but if the add-ins  is disabled then, it will appear under the “Inactive Application Add-ins”. Here select the “COM Add-ins” from the Manage dropdown at the bottom of this dialog and check the LoadBehavior of all COM add-ins. In normal cases, the add-in should be checked and its "Load Behavior" should be “Loaded at Startup”.

    Apart from that, if you are still facing the same issues then scan your system with the MS Excel Repair software for other issues like virus or any other corruption.

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