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Profit Margin

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  • If I wanted to pull profit margin per customer which tables / prebuilt report would I use?

  • Use the Sales Subject - that is out of the box.  Just need customer, item, sales, COGS, Profit Margin.

  • This is what I am receiving. Any suggestions?

  • Answered

    You have to apply the same filters in PowerBI as you do in your QB report .e.g. dates.  In your PowerBI example I only see customer as a filter.  Your QB report is using a year to date filter.  Use PowerBI to do a date range filter.

    Second, you are running a Profit and Loss report in QB - which is using accounts as your axis.  So potentially you could have journal entries in your account postings, e.g. not coming from a sales transaction - the QQube Sales Subject wouldn't have that.  So in a sense you could be using oil in QB, and water in QQube and comparing them.

    The QQube Sales Subject basically uses items as your axis, in accordance with how QB uses items to coordinate postings to the General Ledger.  Generally this is how QB is intended to be used, with Journal Entries as year end corrections, etc.  This allows you to look at customers, items, or vice-versa, very quickly.  This may not be your case, but is good to address with this context.

    You are close.

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