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Large QB File

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  • Hello,

    We want to evaluate clearify, but the size of our qb files maks syncing a problem.

    Our file is 1.6 gb. To sync everything, it says would take 36 hours.


    If we manage to sync one time, does clearify just sync changes or does it need 36 hours to sync each time?

    Also, can I do partial syncs of different sections and then switch to a full sync once the sections are synced?




  • Answered

    Bottom line, the approximation for loading the first time won't take 36 hours.  (That algorithm is removed in our next version)  It will take 8 - 12  hours depending upon speed of your machine.  Subsequent updates only take a few minutes.

    However the size of your file is of general concern - regardless of QQube.  Just the reality of QuickBooks.  

    Our internal marker to advise on reducing file size - after dealing with thousands of files - is about 1.25 gig.  At that point we start seeing more corruption ,more QB rebuilds, etc.

    Yes Intuit will tell you that the file size can be larger (although every file we have seen over 2 gig has corruption), but that has little to do with what the Intuit Software Development Kit (SDK) has to deal with underneath the hood.

    There are people in the Intuit community who split files into old and new.  A condense is rather useless, as it just turns transactions into journal entries, but the audit trail is still intact.   People like Matt Clark https://www.qbornotqb.com do this. (We get no kick backs).

    Intuit does not give developers direct access to the database.  Having said that it is manageable as evidenced by our huge user base.

    We have this guide that explains the do's and dont's of synching: Understanding The Synch Process

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