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Quickbooks Estimate to Invoice

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  • Does Quickbooks has a transaction log for Estimate to Invoice. For example if we need a report that shows for X month , how many estimates were created,  based on those estimates how many/percentage that were converted into invoices . Is this possible to get from Quickbooks?

  • Answered

    QuickBooks stores underneath the hood - and makes available to developers, e.g. QQube - the links between an estimate document and an invoice document.  However there is no link between items/lines on an estimate to counterpart items/lines on an invoice.

    So if you wanted to know if an invoice is created from an estimate, QQube provides that with the Linked Transaction folder.

    This guide shows you how: https://clearify.com/wiki/view/204/linked-transactions


  • Thanks. What i want to do is to see the percentage of Estimates added that were converted into Invoices. This would be a sort of closing ratio.

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