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Syncing Over 24 Hours

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  • I started my first sync over 24 hours ago. I believe my QuickBooks file is 1.08gbs. Is there an end in sight?! Why is this taking so long? The sync log still says in progress and it does seem to be slowly moving along. 

  • Did you get a response to this?  I have the similar issue.  I'm not quite to 24 hours, but getting close.

  • Answered

    I will preface the following answer with the fact that Intuit does not give developers direct access to the database, and never will.  So the initial understanding is that it can take a while.

    Normally a 1 Gig file on hardware that is 2 to 3 years old, it should take 2 to 6 hours max.   Older hardware can certainly take 12 hours or more.

    Subsequent synchs should only take a few minutes.

    BUT, in this case it seems like it is taking way too long, and that usually indicates some form of corruption in the file, or that something interrupted the synch abnormally (of which there are several external reasons)

    First, I would create a private ticket, open up the current synch log, save it as a text file, and attach it with a brief note so that an engineer can review what has occurred. (You won't be able to hit the Send button, because it still is "in progress".)  The logs tell everything, and easy to ascertain what the issue is.

    Realize that files approaching 1 gig in file size - or files with years of data - tend to have issues - most of which can be addressed with a rebuild of the file.  Occasionally there are errors that require Intuit Data Services to correct - and we can identify those by messages in the log.

    The Intuit SDK (Software Development Kit) has "bad news, good news" with regard to data extraction.   The "bad news" is that it can be slow, and somewhat kludgy.  The "good news" is that it is secure, it finds errors that even a QuickBooks verify or rebuild won't find, and it never lies.

    Go ahead and submit the ticket, and we will assist you promptly.

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