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Integrated Application missing in QuickBooks Enterprise 21

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  • I have reported this to support and they said that they have to get with the tech team and they were not available earlier this morning. I have heard nothing back at this point.My Integrated applications are all missing, including Qube and the program is down and no apps can be added back.

  • Nancy sent me her file and I experienced same thing.  Was able to set up a new Empty  QQube db  for her. 

  • Answered

    If you notice that "notify the user before running any application whose certificate has expired" is checked.

    The old QQube Certificate Expired on 10/20/2021 - and probably has to do with the anomaly you have witnessed.

    You can uncheck that option with no problem, and here is why:   Even though the certificate has expired, it only came into play when first connecting QQube to QuickBooks to say "yes, we can trust QQube to extract our data".   The "trust" doesn't go away when the certificate expires, as it is the same app.

    A certificate is only about trusting the application - it doesn't effect how the application interacts with QuickBooks.

    We have a new build, with a new certificate for those people who want to update to the latest version, or start anew.  Existing users can just update from within the QQube Configuration Tool under Help>About QQube

    What to know about certificates:

    1. Developers purchase all certificates from a top layer certificate authority.
    2. Developers cannot purchase an "indefinite" Certificate, and must repurchase new ones every several years. (Yes, what a racket.)
    3. Developers cannot purchase a "renewal" certificate e.g. when you purchase another certificate after the previous expiration date, you can't just renew the existing certificate; you must purchase - and employ in your application - a new certificate.
  • Thank you and I just saw this reply. I will follow this script over the weekend and hope we have our fix.



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