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Tableau Online Bridge To qqube | CLEARIFY

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Tableau Online Bridge To qqube

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  • Are there any data connectors or bridges available to use qqube with Tableau Online?  Also, are any of the listed Clearify Certified Solutions Providers knowledgeable about working with Tableau that are available for consulting work?  TIA!

  • Answered

    Excuse the late reply.

    I am surprised that none of our Solution Providers submitted an answer for you.

    You can connect directly to Tableau Online using our default DSN's which are automatically configured during the install.  You can get the pertinent information about the DSN's at the bottom of this guide: QQube Installed Components

    The QQube database is installed locally, but connects to the cloud using those DSN.  There may some latency issues, dependent upon the speed, but the data will be present.

    A lot depends upon the size of your QB file and the type of data models you are attempting to upload.  General Ledger Detail for instance, might have 750,000 rows for a QB Desktop file of 700 Meg.

    But I know there are customers out there who have configured this.

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