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QBE18 vs QBE22

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  • Wondering if there are any benefits to upgrading from QBE18 to QBE22 in regards to QQUBE?  Fast sync?  

    Can QBE22 handle a large DB? 

  • Answered

    Sorry for the late reply, but this will help other readers of this post.

    Intuit did not come out with a 64 bit SDK until August of this year.  We spent some time testing our Synchronizer using 64 bit code, but the extraction time difference was pretty negligible. 

    Theoretically the memory management should be better, but the extraction time is 90% dependent upon the actual extraction - not what what we do with it once it is out of QuickBooks.

    We still can't communicate with QuickBooks in elevated mode either.

    We have committed to changing to 64 Bit, but will not do that until Version 10.1   The good thing about Version 10 is that we can pull just certain years of data, which can drastically reduce the extraction time - especially on huge files, or files with 10,15 even 20 years of data in them.

  • Search for the 64 bit sdk turned this up.  I seem to think you decided to not do it?

    Ernest D Cook Principal, Better Idea Group Office: (916) 774-2600 ext 101 IT’s time for a Better Idea
    1. We decided to not include it in Version 10.0 for several reasons:

      1. Negligible performance benefits
      2. Would have to create two products/installer/implementation routines - resources that could be used for other purposes, e.g. online.
      3. When QB stops supporting QB versions prior to 2022, then we will introduce a 64 bit version as the only current QB versions supported by Intuit will be 64 bit.

      We had originally planned 10.1 but maybe a later numbered version as we have plans for 10.1 in the very near future - as opposed to later when QB drops support for QB 2021

  • We are still on QB 18, we are overseas so Intuit annual gotchas don't apply to us.  

    Might join the subscription model this or next year as we are looking to start with a new file again (we split it 5 years ago).   

    I would be more inclined to upgrade if Intuit made the database more robust and ready to grow with my business.  This 1GB limit is a joke...we grow the file by 700MB a year, and i'm tired of Chuck telling me its like a heart attack waiting to happen.  =)  

    File is 2.7GB, my sync takes 45 minutes to an hour, would be amazing if it only took 15M.  

  • Version 10 allows you to extract only a number of recent years, so that might help.  The size itself is not the total issue - it is what it represents: probable corruption because of the number of times that people close and open the file - and not always gracefully.

    Sybase SQL Anywhere is not Oracle, but it is a very robust dependable database.  Additionally you are dealing with almost 30 years of legacy code to input data.  If you and I were to start from scratch, the database architecture wouldn't be the same.

    As much as we gnash our teeth over the trials and tribulations of customers having to deal with the idiosyncrasies and problems associated with QuickBooks - it is still a bargain off the shelf small business accounting program.  Going to the next level, can cost tens of thousands - just to sniff the package; never mind the customization.

    It is a love/hate relationship.

    We have always appreciated your feedback and being a valued customer.  We also applaud your success.

  • Thanks for that unexpected but welcome response.

    Few points from my end:

    1. I have a team of 20 that use the file everyday, they are trained to close it correctly but from time to time things happen.  We have upwards of 3500 invoices each month.  
    2. Our customers make payments that don't always line up with their AR so multiple payments are recorded for each invoice, this causes the file to grow as I have been told. F
    3. I rebuild my file often.  Full backup in Single User mode each month.  Send it through a portable a few times a year.  I don't see any issues with the file.  
    4. YOU ARE so correct about the bargain, I'm dreading the idea of the next level and trying to avoid the expenditure...headache... transition...etc.  
    5. I never complain, it is what it is...and the sync happens at 2am and I'm ready to work in the morning.  doesn't bother me..
    6. Have said this multiple times, I could not do what I do without you guys and I'm so grateful for what your product does.  We are celebrating 16 years in business next month and you guys are part of that with us.  
    7. I am due to renew, just got busy and forgot.. ill renew and upgrade to 10?  Its not about updating to 10, its about supporting your business.  

    Lastly I am looking for someone who can help me build a dashboard, also help me take some basic reports and make them accessible online so my vendors can download some sell out data.  If you guys can recommend someone reliable to me.  

  • We are truly humbled by your comments.  Glad we could make a difference in people's lives.

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